Sauvignon 2016 Sold out

2016 was a warm year with a late harvest, so the Sauvignon grapes were picked fully ripe in mid-September. After being gently pressed, the must was fermented in large oak barrels (30-40 hl) and the wine was aged on the lees for 8 months, developing fragrant and spicy notes.

The winegrowing area of Mantele can be found in the heart of Nalles, in the Valle dell’Adige. With warm days and cool nights, the 150-metre-deep alluvial fan, consisting of 30% porphyry rubble and 70% limestone gravel, provides the ideal conditions for our Sauvignon.

Notes of citrus, grapefruit, fragrant elderflower and pepper feature in the aromatic and fruity bouquet. The detrital soils in the winegrowing region of Nalles grant our Mantele Sauvignon a bold, assertive character. The cold nights and warm days facilitate its aromatic fullness and fresh acidity, making it ideal as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to appetisers, vegetable dishes and, when matured, also asparagus dishes.