Extraordinary, mineral wines which, as ambassadors of their vineyards, convey the feel and energy of their terroir and reflect the unmistakable style of Nals Margreid.

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Effectively interpreted, transformed and bottled with all their aroma by Nals Margreid. Alpine fresh, fruity and elegant wines, that reveal the character and unique qualities of their grapes.

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Private Rarities

Unique examples of our Selection wines with ageing potential. Few bottles and at controlled temperatures are stored in the private cellars of Nals Margreid until they reach their full expression. Selected wines, rarities for anyone seeking something unique.

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«The value of time, that wait for just the right level of ripeness and the perfect day for harvesting are the fundamental characteristics that distinguish and guarantee the quality of our wines.»

Harald Schraffl
Winemaker of Nals Margreid