Nals Margreid – a name associated for centuries to wine production and wine culture.

A tradition that goes back to 1764, when the Campi estate was built on the site of our current winery. Nals Winery was founded in 1932 and with the merge of Margreid Winery in 1985, Nals Margreid was established.
Today, 138 wine-growing families cultivate around 160 hectares of vineyards. There are 14 areas, between two and twelve hectares in size, between Nals in the Adige Valley and Margreid in South Tyrol’s south.

The geographical features are our most valuable resource and are a constant source of inspiration when creating our wines. With a respectful approach to nature, we harvest grapes that bear the mark of Nals Margreid as they are readied for bottling in a stylised, studied and expressive manner: Alpine freshness. Harmony with the terroir. International.