Gottfried Pollinger
Head of Sales / CEO

“It’s wonderful to be able to continuously take on new challenges, so we can make an even better use of individual areas. The Alpine climate, Mediterranean influences, and the fragmentation of the Alps with their complex geological origin, create an extraordinary environment, which has given me personally a considerable task and responsibility. My family has been growing wine for generations; this love of wine-making is in my blood. I feel attached to the winery and I’m encouraging its international positioning. It’s always great to see wine professionals from all over the world turning to my knowledge and expertise, and to see that our wines still enjoy an ever-increasing international presence”.

Harald Schraffl
Winemaker / CEO

“Everything I do is based on a fundamental principle: to create wines that distinguish themselves by their expressive character and uniqueness.
Nature is my passion, its terroir and microclimate are our greatest assets.
I follow the work from the vineyards and, with consistency, dedication and experience, I pursue the development of our wines.
And I am delighted when our wines leave an indelible mark on the World.”

Kurt Wolfensberger

“We are certain that we can harvest grapes of highest quality, that express themselves through nature thanks to natural and sustainable farming, as well as an approach that respects nature and is in complete harmony with it. This philosophy is also applied in the winery, where we seek to age the wines as naturally and authentically as possible, without changing them”.