Baron Salvadori

Chardonnay Riserva 2014 Sold out

2014 was a cool year. After a late harvest at the end of September, Chardonnay must from the various plots was fermented and matured for 10 months in 500-litre barrels.

The historic winegrowing village of Magrè offers the ideal conditions for growing Chardonnay vines, and not least due to the warm climate in the Bassa Atesina. Our Chardonnay vines can show off their best features in the sandy, chalky gravel soils, which are rich in humus. The grapes ripen on a gentle slope at an altitude of 220 metres, where they can find the best conditions for reaching perfect phenolic maturity and revealing their quintessential mouth-filling nature.

Its complex, intense and floral aroma releases fruity notes of ripe apricot, pineapple and black pepper. Cultivated in warm Magrè on 30-year-old espalier systems with a high planting density, BARON SALVADORI Chardonnay impresses with its elaborate yet fresh taste, its balanced fullness, its elegance and persistence, and pairs perfectly with sophisticated haute cuisine dishes, tasty appetisers, white meats and grilled fish.